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Developed with professionalism and passion for both farming and technology Farmica is the best choice in terms of management for your farm.

In order to achieve the best results optimising your business is the key. Farmica helps you to keep everything under control and to stay in touch with your farm.

Livestock breeding is easier with Farmica Livestock – a herd management solution.

Farmica FielsManager – fields, leaseholds and crops management solution.

Another solution, this time for stock management, is Farmica StockManager, the clearest way to track goods in stores.

Farmica – professional solutions for professional farmers!

Farmica Livestock Manager

Complete herd management solution for cows –Farmica Livestock!

Obsolete herd management is a problem frequently encountered by farmers.

How many times has it happened to you to forget to inseminate your cows on time or to move them into maternity?  For farmers, most likely,  at some point this will be mean money loss.

From now on forget about paper notes or Exel files because Farmica Livestock will do the job for you.

It is an online web solution, suited for livestock breeding:

–  sends reminders like: insemination, gestation control or move to maternity;

  keeps the history of each cow;

In addition, by using the platform, users have access to a valuable set of information about animals like: parents, history of births or efficiency.
No matter what kind of device you are using it works perfectly on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Farmica Fields Manager

Complete fields and leases management solution – Farmica Fields Manager!

When a farmer takes care of a significant number of lands, managing them can be a problem, without having support from a specialised application.

Farmica Fields Manager is a complete solution for managing both fields and leases.

By using the platform, one can manage properties, whether personal or leaseholds.

Within Farmica Fields Manager, several properties or leaseholds can be merged into aggregate fields, making it easier for the farmer to track the costs and productions over a certain area.

Our solution also helps farmers when it comes to paying their debts to lessees, keeping a very clear picture of what has been paid and what has to be paid.

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Farmica Storehouse Manager

It is a stock management solution for agriculture associations which let you have real time reports about active substances from your storehouse.

With this Storehouse Management solution, agriculture associations and farms with a dynamic storehouse activity are at a click away to have a look at substance remaining quantities.

Usually, all storehouse activities and operations make it hard to follow consumption but with the Farmica Storehouse Manager every task became easier and you will have the reports that you need.

Use case: if you define the locations, products, users and enter the operation, the Farmica Store Manager reports quantities consumed for any products from your storehouse for each user defined.



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